Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Stout!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Stouters!

From just a little pup...

To a Giant Amongst Corgis!  :)

I give you a hard time (a lot), but I wouldn't trade you for the world!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Time To Start Getting Nervous...

Yep, it's herding trial time again!
And this time it's Stout!
I'm really surprised I'm nervous. It didn't hit me until today. Normally, with Porter, I would have been freaking out for days. But I wasn't nervous when Stout did his PT or JHD...
Unfortunately I had to scratch Porter. He was going to make his Intermediate Sheep debut, until his iliopsoas injury  :(
So I was told I should enter Stout. I had no intention of doing so until we ran a practice course. I had no idea A course could be that easy!  :) And now here I am, feeling all barfy...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Canine Olympics 2014

Once again, we took part in our favorite event of the year: Canine Olympics!

Besides tying for Bronze in the Costume contest, they came home a few other medals.

Gold Medalist in the Cookie Toss!

Stout showed the big dogs who was boss and took the Gold medal in the Cookie Toss - Over 10", as well as the Silver medal in the Hot Dog Splash - Over 10".

He would have had gold in the Hot Dog Splash, but his first dunk sent the hot dog scooting across the bottom & so he had to come up for air & dunk again. Rookie mistake...

Porter used his vast experience to nail the Gold medal in the Hot Dog Splash - Under 10". No rookie mistakes there!

He also blew away the competition in the Cookie Toss - Under 10", bringing home the Gold medal.

I felt kind of guilty entering Porter in the Under 10" categories. He does have the stomach of a big dog, obviously  :)  But since John was at a brewing competition, it did enable me to enter both dogs.

Alas, they did not win everything they entered. Stout failed to eat the black olive in My Dog Will Eat Anything. I really can't blame him...

He did eat the radish though  :)

And Porter missed a catch in the Outfield Catch - Cookie. Actually, his very first catch involved the cookie bouncing off his teeth, hitting my leg, and then him catching it on the rebound. It never hit the ground - so I counted it!

Did you say "cookie?"

And no, neither one barfed in the car on the way home  :)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween, Bitches!

Ok, so it's a little "2013-ish," but we only just finished watching the series  :)  I think it's obvious which on is Walter White & which is Jesse Pinkman...

We stuck with the pop-culture theme & had a better outcome at the Canine Olympics this year than last... a tie for the Bronze medal in the costume contest!

So now that my arm is healed and I'm not teaching 2 nights per week plus taking classes 2 nights per week plus herding once per week, I can hopefully get back into this blog thing! I'll post the rest f the Canine Olympics results next. Let's just say that the Brews Brothers excel at the food sports  :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday, Porter!

We had to celebrate Porter's birthday last night instead of today due to scheduling conflicts...
I'm not sure he minded!  :)
Preparing for the "party"

Waiting for the goodies

Nom nom nom

Savoring his birthday treat

Still savoring...

"Mmmm delicious!"

Happy birthday, Port-Chop!

Love you, big guy!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Herding Sheep & Breaking Arms

Yep, it was pretty eventful last weekend!  :)

First, the good news: Stout earned his 2nd herding title! Stout JHD! 

I'll say it again, it was not this easy when I started with Porter... Our JHD looked NOTHING like this:

But of course, I was a beginner back then. We have a come a LONG way!

For instance, this was Porter's first trial beyond a beginner level. He had to drive. In public. 

And he didn't too badly. At least on Saturday:  

He actually earned a leg in HTAD II & HRD II. He had to drive in both, and while they weren't perfect, they were better than I had thought they'd be.

Sunday was a whole 'nother story...

For some reason he couldn't push them out into the field in HRD. It had begun with trouble in the chute, I should have helped him sooner. So when he kept failing to cover, I waited for him to blow a "drop" then removed him (it wasn't a long wait...)  :)

Then in HTAD, he was a real jackass. I sent him on an outrun, he came charging up the middle. I tried pushing him out, he barely gave. When I asked for the "drop" after the lift, he didn't even break stride  :)  Jackass. So I called our run, took him straight to the xpen & got Stout out. He was pissed. But so was I.

Then on Sunday, Stout's JHD run was the very last run of the trial. John showed up to watch, he has never saw Stout herd. Just as we were fetching the sheep through the last panel, I stumbled and fell backwards. I hit the ground, but not before I tried to catch myself...

Yep, broke my arm :(  Well, I didn't know that at the time, but I had a pretty good feeling.

I stood up, went to pick up my stick to finish the run, and my hand wouldn't work. So I just grabbed it with the other & finished  :)

On the way back to the barn, my ears started ringing. I told John that I should go to the hospital. Just like last time I broke something, he told me it wasn't broken since I wasn't screaming on the ground. He always underestimates how tough I am!

That afternoon they told me it was only a sprain. By Monday afternoon they had finally looked at the xrays & confirmed it was a radial fracture. Tuesday afternoon I acquired the bright orange cast  :)

This is not the summer I was planning on...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Love Those Plastic Bags!

Porter & Stout went to their first AKC Coursing Ability Test yesterday. It was hosted by the Bluegrass Coursing Club all the way down in Columbia, KY.

They have done fun runs before at the annual Terrier Trials, so I knew they would be keen. It was a very loud, fast afternoon!

Porter passed his first leg in style, running fast for 300 yards:

Stout also passed. Unfortunately since he is over 12" tall, he had to run the big dog course - 600 yards!

He kind of pooped out towards the end :)

After the event was over, Dezi the Podengo took a fun run with a whippet. And some corgis. The little jackasses broke out of the xpen & took the course...

They would have cost me a fine, but the lady was kind enough to waive it since they were technically done...