Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trying to "Stack" the Stout

I can add "stacking" to my list of things to work on...

Chasing Porter's Leash...

Finally got it!

Walking at Waveland - Part 2

Don't they say those white orbs are ghosts? Porter is looking right at it...

Mmmm... Corgi Stew!

Walking at Waveland

John & I took the dogs to Waveland a couple times recently. It's not far from our house so we are able to go before it gets dark. It gets boring walking in our park everyday!

It's a corgi house!

Puppy Class Graduation!

Stout graduated from puppy class Tuesday night! Thank you to Best Friends Obedience!

And to commemorate the occasion, here are some of my favorite photos & videos from puppy class:

Stout's BFF Bentley

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things Stout has Chewed...

Inspired by Rip Cannon-Fry:

The rug (no remorse)

The back of the couch (the wood on the chairs was chewed by Porter as a puppy)

The iPod charger

The bookcase

Porter's bed

The cats' scratching pad

And worst of all: Porter's couch cushion!