Sunday, July 12, 2015

CWCCA National Specialty! Porter & Rally!

Thanks Mom, for reminding me that I haven't blogged in awhile!  :)

Way back in May, Porter, Stout, & I traveled down South for the CWCCA National Specialty. We started in Chattanooga, traveled down to Georgia for herding, then back to Chattanooga for the obedience & rally.

We'll start with Porter's Rally adventure first  :)

It was in this cool hotel called the Choo-Choo. It was a remodeled train station. I'll save those photos for last...

Porter competed again in Rally Excellent. He had one leg already from his first try, totally bombed the 2nd attempt, and here I had entered him twice... Stout had already had a disastrous attempt at Beginner Novice (we may never discuss that) so my confidence was not real high.

But Porter rocked it! Well, for Porter anyway  :) We placed last in both runs, but we qualified! I don't think we even failed a sign (because there wasn't any "3 steps backing up").

Here are some photos from the awesome Phyllis Ensley:

Please ignore my bright red legs - got sun burnt at herding the day before.

I may never be able to teach him to back-up, but we did conquer the "stand"!

So happy!

He was so excited to see a jump! And take it twice!

Don't worry, he's supposed to be facing that way :)

Happy tail!

I can't believe how much he watched me!

Or how happy he seemed to be out there!

It really looks like he cares  :)

Love his little face here! And his tail!


  1. That is a great series of pictures! Porter looks like he was loving it! Had to laugh....your legs almost matched your t-shirt in that one picture! Did that sunburn hurt?

    1. Oh yeah, it hurt :) For a long time afterward too! I slathered myself in sunscreen, but I always forget the back of my calves...