Saturday, July 19, 2014

Love Those Plastic Bags!

Porter & Stout went to their first AKC Coursing Ability Test yesterday. It was hosted by the Bluegrass Coursing Club all the way down in Columbia, KY.

They have done fun runs before at the annual Terrier Trials, so I knew they would be keen. It was a very loud, fast afternoon!

Porter passed his first leg in style, running fast for 300 yards:

Stout also passed. Unfortunately since he is over 12" tall, he had to run the big dog course - 600 yards!

He kind of pooped out towards the end :)

After the event was over, Dezi the Podengo took a fun run with a whippet. And some corgis. The little jackasses broke out of the xpen & took the course...

They would have cost me a fine, but the lady was kind enough to waive it since they were technically done...

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  1. Loved watching that! Do they measure the dogs at each event or is there a height card like agility? I still need to get out there and try it with Jimmy. Wilson had very little interest at the fun run I tried. Would love to have seen the rogue corgis running.....Glad you weren't fined.