Sunday, November 2, 2014

Canine Olympics 2014

Once again, we took part in our favorite event of the year: Canine Olympics!

Besides tying for Bronze in the Costume contest, they came home a few other medals.

Gold Medalist in the Cookie Toss!

Stout showed the big dogs who was boss and took the Gold medal in the Cookie Toss - Over 10", as well as the Silver medal in the Hot Dog Splash - Over 10".

He would have had gold in the Hot Dog Splash, but his first dunk sent the hot dog scooting across the bottom & so he had to come up for air & dunk again. Rookie mistake...

Porter used his vast experience to nail the Gold medal in the Hot Dog Splash - Under 10". No rookie mistakes there!

He also blew away the competition in the Cookie Toss - Under 10", bringing home the Gold medal.

I felt kind of guilty entering Porter in the Under 10" categories. He does have the stomach of a big dog, obviously  :)  But since John was at a brewing competition, it did enable me to enter both dogs.

Alas, they did not win everything they entered. Stout failed to eat the black olive in My Dog Will Eat Anything. I really can't blame him...

He did eat the radish though  :)

And Porter missed a catch in the Outfield Catch - Cookie. Actually, his very first catch involved the cookie bouncing off his teeth, hitting my leg, and then him catching it on the rebound. It never hit the ground - so I counted it!

Did you say "cookie?"

And no, neither one barfed in the car on the way home  :)


  1. Multi-talented guys. Congratulations!

  2. I wouldn't eat a black olive (ew, icky!) so I certainly can't expect my dog to eat one. That sounds like a really fun event!