Thursday, December 18, 2014

Santa Photo Countdown... Day 1

While not nearly as epic as Stout's infamous Santa photo, Porter did have an ill-timed camera-click of his own this year...
 "Ok Santa, I'm getting a little tired of the kisses."

"Seriously, I said NO MORE KISSES Santa!" 

I think Santa got the message.
Once again, while it looks scary, no Santas or Porters were harmed. Just one good bark from Porter as the camera clicked.
Although, looking at the photos now, Porter was clearly uncomfortable & I should have stopped the kisses sooner. I will be more cognizant of this in the future! Porter is getting crankier in his old age...


  1. He's a National Champ! He doesn't have to take that crap anymore!

    Those pictures do clearly show distress on Porter's part, esp. the first one. Porter's a good boy for keepin' it calm and corgi-ing on!

  2. Santa might need to dial it back a bit. I'm sure all visiting dogs are not as mannerly as yours when it comes to expressing their displeasure. He seems like a wonderful Santa otherwise and you can tell he loves the dogs. :o) Maybe too much. lol