Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014 Was a Pretty Good Year :)

We had our annual holiday party for the Best Friends Obedience instructor group last weekend.

Mary Ann outdid herself with not only certificates for titles earned in 2014, but special wooden ribbons for championships! Oh, and awesome chocolate martinis.

The dual champion: Both a PACH & a PNAC in 2014!

I was kind of surprised when I looked back at Stout's titles for 2014. In my mind, he's still the dorky puppy that runs amok & is still trying to grow a brain.

But I'll be damned if he didn't earn 5 titles.

Two of them were herding titles, and let's not forget those 2 Started legs! The last 6 months have been pretty darn good for him. Well, except for that time in Excellent JWW back in October when he jumped into Diane's lap...

But herding! Stout's thing is obviously herding  :)


  1. I'd say you and the boys had a pretty great year!

  2. Heartiest congratulations! You've created two stars!