Friday, March 23, 2012

Peer Pressure

Stout really wanted to join Porter in the creek...

But he was too scared.

So he stood safely on a rock and barked.

Or perhaps not so safely...

"Oh no!"

"Puppy falling in! Help me!"

Only the front end & the tail got wet!


  1. Merinda we want to come and take walks with you, it looks like you have some great places to explore. Do you ever do goe-caching? I loved the silhouette picture of the boys sitting.

  2. What fun for the boys. Once Stout figures out that water is fun, you will not be able to keep him out of the creek.

  3. I've not done geo-caching. I always think I should, considering the places I go :) Sometimes those are the only other people I see on our walks!