Thursday, March 15, 2012

Silvia Trkman Class - Lesson 2

Here are 2 videos that I submitted to Silvia Trkman for our online puppy clicker class.

She only sent out the lesson plan Monday and this is our first session trying these newer tricks. But I wanted to get videos made & submitted so I could ask her a couple questions!

Pivot / Perch Work:

I was worried about starting this with Stout because Porter has never figured it out. I was afraid it might be something that I'm doing wrong. But Stout seems to get it so far, so I'm guessing it's just Porter's lack of foundation shaping skills that is holding him back  :)

I am clicking for any movement of his back feet (I only clicked a couple times for putting his front feet up on the bowl - he seemed to understand that). A couple times I shouldn't have clicked when he tried to put those back feet up onto the bowl. But it's hard to see just where those stubby little legs & chubby little paws are going!

The end product will be rotating around the bowl with his front feet on it. Hopefully in complete circles both directions. With no luring from me. This is eventually used for heelwork. Here is a video of her dogs heeling using this method. I had bought this video and tried teaching Porter...  :)

Here is the second video I submitted:

I'm concerned with how much he thinks before offering the paw touch.Other people's dogs in the class are throwing themselves at it as soon as it's presented. But when I do wait him out, he very deliberately places a paw perfectly in the center. And it could be because I upped the difficulty by holding the target (it was always on the floor before).

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