Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter from the Brew Crew!

Not the best photo, right?    :)
Well, look at what I had to go through to get that mediocre shot...

First I posed Porter. Easy.
(Yes, those are bunny slippers on his paws.
John swears he grabbed the wrong bag at Meijer when he checked out...)

Next, add Stout.

And keep his bunny ears on.



Wait for him to finish throwing his Easter tantrum...

He appears to be done. Let me just fix his ears...

Perfect! Now let's just place him back next to Porter.

Ok, now I move back to get both in the shot...

Damn it!
(But note how Porter has not moved from his "mark" throughout this entire ordeal. He's a pro.)

And now Stout has given up.
As have I.
Let's just do individual photos.

That'll do, Porter.

So I'll put Stout in a pot. That should help keep him contained.
But he decides to nibble grass, like a real bunny.

I wave a cookie around above my head.
Not bad.

But I really want him on the grass...

Which he really doesn't want...

Another Easter tantrum...

Yeah, this is good enough.
That'll do, Stout.

Happy Easter!


  1. Having endured several multi-dog photo shoots without bunny ears, I applaud you! You're a brave soul. :)

  2. I hope they received some very special treats for participating (one more than the other) in the Easter photo shoot.

  3. That's hysterical! How to totally humiliate your human in one easy lesson!

  4. LOL! That scenario looks about right! For me, Wilson is the good boy and Jimmy is the one that doesn't want to cooperate! Neither one of my guys appreciate headgear much :-)