Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Good Weekend: Porter Edition

Our trip to TN over the weekend was very fruitful  :)

I will save Stout's brag for Thursday (mostly because I forgot to scan the rally map...) and brag on Porter first.

After not doing any AKC trials since very early November, Port did fantastic! He was a little rusty in our first run of the weekend, totally plowing into the panel jump:

But he followed that up with an amazing jumpers run, that I did not get on video  :(  I don't even remember any of the course, but I do remember thinking that it just felt good. Fluid, easy, and in sync.

After a very long wait Sunday (it started tall to small), Porter earned his 11th QQ! I am still shocked and amazed every time we do it. Hell, I'm still shocked & amazed every time he gets his weave poles  :)

Video below:


We even had a small Cardigan gathering at the trial: Dina & Moira and Michele & Reva were also there. It's not very often that Porter is not the only cardi running at a trial!


  1. Porter is always so happy when he's running a course. You can really see it on his face.

    Congrats on the QQ. You two are quite a team!