Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Eve!

While our friends were out partying on New Year's Eve, John & I rang in the new year with the dogs (ours & theirs).
Do we know how to party or what?  :)  Eh, as you'll see below, we kept ourselves entertained!
We decided to have a doggie New Year's party!
Let's get this party started!
Stout was first on board! Party Animal!

Mesa is always willing to party, but not usually in hats...

Dally? Do you want to join in?

Every party has a pooper...

We had to wake Porter up for the party. He's just like his puppy-daddy.
The girls were feeling classy and started with some wine.

Even Dally cannot resist a little wine...

Mesa & John shared a toast to the new year
So what happened to the boys? Did they not party too?
Umm, let's just say that aren't as "classy" as the girls. They partied a little too hard...

They passed on the wine and went straight for the shots.

Which knocked them straight out...
Mesa says "That drunk pup is behind us, isn't he?"
Dally says "Close your eyes and maybe he'll disappear..."


  1. Par-tay!

    We drove home from a short trip to Myrtle Beach on New Year's Eve. We didn't leave until a bit after 3PM so we arrived home a bit after 11pm, just in time for the ramping-up of festivities in my neighborhood. We pull into our driveway and all I can hear are fireworks going off all over the place. Poor Jimmy, this was his welcome home horror! He ran straight into the house, shaking and hiding :-( He had a miserable hour or so until things began to wind back down. It scares Wilson too, but he handles it better.

  2. Our girls are always classy! Thanks, once again, for being awesome aunt/uncle and watching them!