Friday, December 13, 2013

Cardi Claus: Part 2

Not only did we receive a Cardi Claus package, but we also got to send one out!

I love shopping for dog stuff... And I love crafting dog stuff... So this Cardi Claus thing is perfect for me  :)

Our package was going to Jazz & Gershwin in Arkansas (which I thought was was Arizona, until the nice lady at the mail place told me AR was not Arizona... I swear I knew that!).

I included our favorite goodies from the Bluegrass Barkery (dehydrated duck feet!) and my own home-made ornaments:

Do they look familiar?

Yes, since they were such a big hit last year, I recycled the idea  :)

But I kept thinking I was forgetting something... Actually I forgot a few things (I forgot the nose. Then I forgot the white tail tip. Then I forgot to sew the hanging ribbon on...) I fixed all those, but it still felt like something was missing.

Well, I just realized what it was when I went to find the photos of the ones I made last year for Jimmy & Wilson:

Do you see what I forgot?

Oops. The red noses don't make much sense without the antlers!

Doh!  :)


  1. I think they are incredibly clever and cute either way! I'm not sure I'm crafty enough to make similar ornaments, but you make me want to try!

  2. My J&W ornaments are hanging proudly on my tree! I love 'em!

    And I passed on the tradition of the duck feet in my package.

  3. I think they're cute!! I want a Pem and Vallhund one! ;-)