Wednesday, December 18, 2013

BlogHop: Meet the Bloggers 2013!

My first BlogHop!  :)

Meet the Pet Bloggers Hop

Hello, my name is Merinda, and I run this blog  :)  Today you get to meet ME!

Yeah, I generally stay "behind the scenes." It's not that I'm embarrassed, or ashamed, or even hideous or anything, I just prefer to not be the center of attention. And I know you all come here for the corgis, not me  :)

But I thought this was an interesting BlogHop for that exact reason. Maybe it's time I stepped out from behind the corgi ears...

The most recent photo of me (& Porter)
Oops. Step out from behind the ears...


While I do show a fair amount of photos & videos of myself with the dogs, even some really old ones, I don't really talk much about myself. I am a big proponent of the Abraham Lincoln quote "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out & remove all doubt."

The whole family

But today I will risk being a fool & share some answers to the BlogHop questions!  :)

What is your favorite holiday?
With all the upcoming holidays, it's a shame that mine has already passed  :(  My favorite is the fall time change for Daylight Savings time. Yeah, I know the days get shorter & the sun sets earlier... But for one glorious night, I get an extra hour of sleep!

What one word would your pets use to describe you?
Stingy. Even my agility students' dogs would use that word  :)  I give the smallest tidbits of treats imaginable. Hey, I have corgis - they are prone to being fat! And nothing is ever going to quench their hunger anyway!

If you didn't have your current pets, what pets would you choose to have?
There are no other pets I'd like to have. We already have 2 dogs & 2 cats & some fish. I guess I'd like some sheep for herding, but they're not really pets...
So how about another dog breed I'd like to have? Well, there are a lot of breeds that I adore. But I'd be hard-pressed to get anything other than my cardigans.
I have developed a really soft spot for Flat Coats though. But I really love herding, so I think I'll stick with herding breeds  :)

What's one thing you have to every day?
I have to walk the dogs. I don't always want to... No, I almost always want to  :)  It's just our routine. It gives me time to think & exercise. I do get bored though, so we routinely drive to different parks just to have a change in scenery.

You know, I feel like I didn't share anything that amazing or shocking or... I don't know. Personal, maybe?  Except maybe the other breed thing. That may get me into some trouble  :)

So maybe just a little more random info:

I work in Engineering. I have a 2 year degree in Mechanical Design Engineering Technology. I draw cranes  :)
I was once pulled over by a lady cop on foot. In my car.
If there was one thing I wish I could do: sing.
I think a lot. I can drive 5 hours without turning on the radio because I am thinking. I analyze everything.
Sometimes I may seem spontaneous. But I'm not. I've already thought about it & every possible outcome. It's just that no one knows I've been thinking about it  :)
I though about this post for 2 days. And yet this was the best I could come up with  :)

Be sure to check out some other blogs on the BlogHop. Or better yet, join us!

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  1. You have a beautiful smile! And I definitely didn't know what you did for a living. Very technical! The engineering part explains the analyzing part....or maybe that's vice versa.....Glad you joined the hop!

  2. Fun post! Was drawn to your title - my sis has corgis and they're the cutest breed! I'm a big analyzer too! Always trying to see every side of a thing, and thinking through all the outcomes! It can be exhausting! :)

  3. NIce meeting you and you have a beautiful family.

  4. Nice to learn more about you. I think we share the same favourite holiday!

    Mutts and a Klutz (woops -- I'm not logged in apparently)

  5. Really enjoyed reading your post - and I had to giggle when the first photo had you very much still behind the Corgi ears! :)

    Thanks for joining the hop!

  6. Ducks. You should have a flock of ducks. They're amazing pets .And they'll herd the Corgis. Seriously.

    I'm right there with ya on seeming to be spontaneous. My Hunny will tell you I'm not, but others don't believe it. Weird, huh?