Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Told You...

...That this "PACH Porter" journey wouldn't be ending anytime soon  :)

Porter & I (and Jodi & Maya) traveled up to Springfield, OH over the weekend (with a blizzard on our heels) for the Dayton trial.

We needed 2 QQ's going into the weekend for our PACH.

We came out of the weekend needing 2 QQ's for our PACH  :)  Perfection is not something Porter & I excel at!

Although the judge on Saturday really tried to help us out, by not even calling Porter's weave pole fault  :)

Yes, it was a day of bad weaving for Porter...
And that illegitimate Q in standard did earn us our highest number of speed points yet: 35! Our previous record was a mere 31  :)
He did have some tight turns, and those tunnels helped too. Yay Porter!
We did slightly better the next day, at least earning one legitimate Q:

I am really disappointed in myself with that Standard run... My handling was so lazy! I know I was thinking that I would play it safe with some rear crosses, but I could have easily got in position for something else. Especially the rear crossing of the A-Frame, I NEVER do that...
And then, of course, there was our fault. Which was all my fault  :)  Didn't I just do something similar the other week in practice?  Oh, Merinda... I knew that was a weakness, but I was too lazy to hustle to handle it another way  :)
So I made up for the lazy handling in JWW. I did a whole bunch of blind crosses! Including a risky one coming out of the weaves! Only one was late  :)  But Porter got them all!
If you hadn't noticed, Stout stayed home with his puppy-daddy. I hadn't entered him, and it was just too cold to bring him to sit in a crate all day. Jodi also left Dezi home, so it was an "old dog weekend." It was like the (good) old days  :)  So much easier back then! One crate, no barking, no midnight potty trips, more room in the bed...


  1. Other than the weaving mistakes, I couldn't see any other errors. Did a bar go down?

    And you are not are just waiting for me to get back on my feet so we can MACH/PACH on the same weekend :-)

    1. It is kind of hard to see - on Sunday in standard (2nd video) he missed the yellow jump coming out of the white tunnel. I tried to serpentine it with a "call to heel..." But I moved too soon, before he had come to me close enough... Fail. :)
      And then he dropped the last bar too on that run.

    2. When is your next trial? I'd love to "try" to time it for the same weekend! If only Porter & I were that good... :)

    3. Well, considering my knee is only now starting on physical therapy, it's a ways off. I have optimistically signed up for one March 8/9, but who knows. Also, I am dealing with a bad Jimmy limp right now, so there are two gimps in the house.