Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nationals Photos Are Here!

I got the download link for my photos the other day from Great Dane Photos! I think they turned out fantastic!

Something about this one appeals to me - I kind of like the judge standing there...

Look at him "powering" through those weaves!

There's Megan in the background!  :)

I have had some weird hair photos lately...

Corgi bullet

I'll post the ones from the Finals round tomorrow!


  1. Yours are nice. They took A LOT more pictures of you two, but of course you had extra runs ;-) To be honest, I was totally unimpressed with mine. I was expecting so much more/better from all the great photos I've seen from them over the years.

  2. Many great shots and wonderful memories. Amy always does a great job. I've always felt lucky that she's "local" to me. Pretty much all of my trial pictures have come from Amy (and all of my shirts!). :o)