Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stout's First "Hike"

Last Thursday, Stout went for his first "hike." It wasn't a real hike, more of a puppy version of a hike. But it included dirt paths, water crossings, & unusual smells.

First we had to pick up Stout & Porter's friends, Dally & Mesa. 

"Wait up girls!"

"Come on, they're leaving us behind!"

"Be careful down there Matt!"

More chasing of the Valhund...

Puppy paws are too delicate for the cold creek.

I'm sure you noticed the lack of Porter in any of these photos  :)  Porter has his own trails he takes at the park. They consist of going through bushes, over rock fences, under logs, etc. His trails go from groundhog hole to rabbit nest to creek. His path crosses mine a lot, I just didn't get any photos  :(

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