Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stout's First Sheep Encounter

Last night before puppy class, Stout tagged along to Porter's herding lesson. I left him in his kennel in the car, but with the door open so he could watch. Bad idea! Stout was extremely interested & very vocal as the sheep moved around the pen. So we shut the door  :)

After Porter's lesson, Stout grabbed a "sheep snack" and I took him near the pen for some "air herding." Wendy had me pick him up & hold him as we looked at the sheep millimg around in the pen. He was very curious, very intense, and of course very vocal! Wendy's dog puched the sheep closer to us & he did get a little nervous, or he was struggling to get down & at them. It could have been either one  :)

We then backed up into the safety of the other pen and watched from the ground as the sheep were let into the pasture. He really liked that! He dropped his head, hair standing up, and paced back & forth on the fence just watching them trot out. Then he grabbed some wool and we headed to puppy class.


  1. Do we have a registered name for Stout yet?

    If Stout is like his dad, he will love his sheep. It will be fun when he's a little older and can begin to learn the intricacies of making the sheep do what he wants them to do.

  2. His sister, Lowri, DEMANDED to start herding when she was about 4 1/2 months old. Go, Stout!