Friday, February 10, 2012

First Trip to the Barkery!

Right before puppy class Tuesday night, I realized we were almost out of Stout chow (he didn't even have enough left for breakfast the next morning!). I looked at the clock, thought "surely there's enough time to run by the Barkery before class..."

So Stout & I hopped in the car for his first trip to the Bluegrass Barkery!

Yep, it's Porter's favorite store, even featured in his birthday video.  I hated to go without Porter, but it was an emergency...

Stout was photographed by Drew & added to the Barkery's Facebook page!

He only shoplifted 1 cow snout. But he did crawl all over the dog food bags & into a box of bones.
I ended up buying the snout once he chewed through the plastic...

He even met the new Barkery ambassador, Sprout the Brussels!

So much time was spent gawking & petting & photographing that we had to rush to puppy class afterwards!

Oh, and I have continued to take a photo of Stout everyday so far, just haven't posted them in the "Stout A Day" series... Falling behind...


  1. Thank you Merinda -- I love my glimpses of the puppy!

  2. I like checking up on the boy, too. Thanks.