Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Night of Obedience Class for Stout

Tonight, Stout (hopefully) graduates from Obedience Class! *fingers crossed*
Just in case we don't have any graduation photos to share tomorrow, here are some photos from last week's class:

"Down stay"
It's actually been quite a treat taking Stout through obedience class. I don't have the fondest memories of Porter in the class... Take the below photo for instance:

Practicing for "off-leash heeling"
I hate to compare the two, because they are both very good dogs, but Porter absolutely could not do any kind of heeling in obedience class. His nose was constantly in the butt of the dog ahead of us.
Why didn't we leave more room between us & the other dogs? Well, we did. But Porter would choke himself pulling to get to the other dogs. It was a constant struggle of of "pressure" then "release," "pressure" then "release." And he did not care at all! I remember our hands being raw from the leash...


Stout's "stand stay"

Porter's "stays" were always pretty good though, until we started herding  :)  So Stout is following in those footsteps!

And a "sit stay"
Kisses for job well done

Waiting for the "release" command
John calling Stout away from the cookies in Beth's hand

Stay tuned for graduation photos! *fingers still crossed*


  1. He's such a handsome boy. Handsome is as handsome does -- so I expect to hear a good report about my grandpuppy.