Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stout's First Dog Paddle!

Last Saturday, Stout got to attend the 12th Annual Dog Paddle hosted by the Friends of the Dog Park. 
As a member of the Board, I have never brought a dog  :(   But this year, we had the perfect dog for the Paddle: Stout!
He loves water, loves other dogs, and John was willing to bring him, take him home, then come back & volunteer  :) 
Why not bring Porter? The Paddle is not really Porter's type of fun. If there were fishes in the pool, then he would enjoy it  :)  He prefers creeks & lakes, not these concrete ponds.
But Stout had a blast!
That's Stout behind the Newfoundland tugging on a frisbee

Stout's favorite thing about the Paddle: running with the big dogs!

His second favorite thing about the Paddle: sniffing butt!


This is pretty much what he did the entire 2 hours he was there: run!

Just ignore the dog pooping in the pool, that's why we don't allow people to swim.

He did fall in once. He was chasing a dog around the deep end and cut the corner a little too sharp. We heard a splash, looked over, and he was already swimming across the pool! We pulled him out when he got to the side. He shook off, then continued chasing another dog  :)

Pool monitor

He really thought about jumping in the deep pool for that ball...


"Is it really time to go?"

Inside with the pool-gator

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