Thursday, March 21, 2013

AKC Nationals: Part 1

Let me just start by saying we had a fantastic time! Good friends, great agility, epic road trip... If we qualify again, we'll definitely go back  :)

I could do the whole recap in chronological order, but let's face it, everyone really wants to see the videos. Right?  :)

So I'll start with the first video and we'll work our way from there!

This was our Warm-Up Round on Friday morning:

I thought since this run was a warm-up, I'd use it to push & see just what kind of dog Porter would be for the weekend  :)  I was going to try to be as fast & tight as possible, then I'd have a good time to compare to the other dogs and see just where we could expect to rank.

Well, I didn't know they didn't post scores or times for the warm-up runs  :)  Oh well, I like to think that it got all the bar-knocking out of Porter's system!

But it did give me a good idea of just how fast he could go on the surface, and just how tight I could push him before he dropped bars. And whether it would be good weaving weekend or not!

That ending was tricky, but we nailed it  :)  Definitely a sign of the type of courses we were going to see...


  1. All in all, a lovely run! Your flip to the tunnel off of the dogwalk was great! Porter looked very relaxed and happy. Did it feel good to run a course that had zero pressure?

  2. nice job! I think that was a good strategy for a warm-up run.