Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Need To Rent Ducks"

Ok, this just cracks me up - I had to share! I saw this on DeltaBluez Stockdogs blog:

From Craiglist:

Need to borrow/rent live ducks (not a joke) 

Hosting a house party. Need ducks for party game.
Ducks will be unharmed and I prefer the owner remain with the ducks to ensure proper care and safety to both my and your standards.
Compensation: invitation to party, free drinks for the entire night, or if you prefer small cash fee ($40?)
Details: ducks will be gently secured into passenger seats of model train set. origami hats made of 1, 5 and 10 dollar bills will be placed on each ducks head.
Guests will pay a dollar for an opportunity pick a hat from a ducks head as a prize as the train passes by them. One dollar per attempt (lap around tracks)

Serious inquiries only please.

  • Location: Austin

And here's a duck video to go with it. Just imagine these little guys showing up by train...   :)

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  1. Why would they do that to living ducks and who the heck would let them? On the other hand, look how great Stout was with the ducks! What great instinct he has!