Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dally & Porter at the Arch

On our way to Nationals in Tulsa, Megan & I found ourselves way ahead of the rest of the Small Dog Posse caravan (I don't drive particularly slow...). So as we neared St. Louis, we decided our spare time could be used for a corgi photo shoot at the Arch!
Do you know how hard it is to photograph corgis with large monuments??

We tried on a bench, shooting up from the ground...

Porter says "Nope, will never work. I'm outta here!"

We tried far away. Corgis look too small in the foreground...

Ah ha! I think we have a winner!

It looks as if they are surveying the countryside from high upon their perch at the Arch...

Ok, maybe it's not that high...

Alright, this is how we got the photo  :)

We did meet a very nice park ranger who wanted to pet the corgis.
We agreed, but only in exchange for another photo!

He didn't even laugh when we got on the ground to take it  :)

As you can see, Megan & I take these corgi photo ops very seriously!

More photos from our road trip were shown on The Daily Corgi Blog. I will roll out the rest of mine tomorrow  :)

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