Thursday, August 1, 2013

Iowa: Part 2

While in Iowa, Porter got to make his special trip to Grammy's house.
This is a solo trip for Porter, no puppies (Stout) allowed.
This is a privilege that must be earned. Stout is too wild, too loud, & too obnoxious  :)  But seriously, without fences, and with a lot of people & children around (& food), and a lot of free-range cats... Stout's just not ready for that kind of responsibility yet.
Plus it means that Porter gets all the goodies from Grammy  :)
Porter arrives at Grammy's, his cat-senses are tingling...
As soon as he jumps from the car, the cats scatter & climb up every nearby tree.
This is generally what Porter does, waiting for the cats to appear.
Kind of like the lions on the Serengeti.

Recognize the "weird woman" from Wordless Wednesday?

I thought Porter would be scared, like he is of statues.
But I guess she only scares away deer, not corgis.

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