Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Iowa: Part 4

Besides visiting with family, we did do a little sight-seeing in Iowa.
We took a morning excursion with my parents & the corgis to the High Trestle Trail Bridge. Bike trails, especially the Rails to Trails type projects, have become a huge thing in Iowa. I think it's because Iowa is so flat... Easy biking  :)
But anyway, John has been really getting into the whole bike thing. So he took my stepdad's bike out almost every day on the Raccoon River Valley Trail. After 3 days, he was looking for a little different scenery...
So while John rode, we walked the bridge.

The High Trestle Trail Bridge. It lights up at night.
Walking to the bridge

The dogs weren't impressed with walking on the bridge... no critters or grass to sniff!


A little Stouter photo-bomb

Porter took a short rest in the only shade he could find
Stout kept watch up above...

Porter kept watch down below

Stout says "What can you possibly see through this little hole, Porter?"

Resting on the other side

Miles came with us, too

Back across to the car

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