Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Herding Clinic - Stout

The dogs & I attended another Tenley Dexter herding clinic the first weekend of August. This one was held at the farm where we regularly take lessons, Fair Wether.
Probably due to the fact that it is where we train, we had a much better outcome than last time!  :)

"Walk up, Stout"

It was a 3 day seminar, so we worked a total of 6 times. After working Porter the first 5 times, I was persuaded to give my last slot to Stout...

Porter had proven himself (more on that in Porter's update later), so I figured "eh, what the hell."


Stout is still a little hard for me to figure out when it comes to herding. I am under the impression that he is lackadaisical. Like, the sheep are there, but he's not really cognizant of that fact. He's just running around, having a good time.
But then, suddenly, he darts in for a piece of the action. I assume he just noticed them.
Nope. Tenley confirmed (the same as Dana & Wendy) that he is very clever. He pretends to not care, setting up his opportunity for mayhem during my brief lack of attention  :)
That Stouters, he is nothing if not manipulative!

So yes, Stout has plenty of herding instinct & capability. We even progressed to dropping the line as he "got around." (The next step after what is shown in these photos). Unfortunately, the camera battery died  :(
I don't remember being so afraid of dropping the line with Porter. Of course, Porter started herding training in a vastly different way.
But the fact that I am slightly afraid to turn Stout loose with sheep, does make me realize that I am aware that he has some power. Deep down, I do know that he isn't a bumbling fool out there just snacking on sheep poo. So once again, I am underestimating the little guy...  :)

The sheep know Stout means business. Even if I don't!

I have been toying with the idea of entering Stout in the HT or PT at the CWCCA specialty this spring... If I start giving him some lesson time...

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  1. I love this: "setting up his opportunity for mayhem during my brief lack of attention". Mayhem is totally correct when it comes to Stout. (Hey, he should be the "Mayhem" guy from the Allstate commercials for Halloween!)