Friday, September 6, 2013

Stout's Trial Update - Derby City

Stout also ran last weekend at the Derby City agility trial. Like everything that Stout does, he was both brilliant & yet frustrating, all at the same time  :)

His Novice JWW run on Sunday was probably one of the best runs he's ever had. He was fast, engaged, & didn't run off once  :)

Look at that start line!

I did everything that I've been telling myself I need to do with him: just run! I called his name quite a bit, I stayed ahead of him, and he chased. Perfect!

Of course, it would have been nice if he had taken that one jump... But by the time I realized he missed it, it was too late to go back, he was already committed to the next one. And it was my own fault that he missed it anyway because I had begun to pull away to get a blind cross in... I felt that continuing on was best for our long term goals, vs. going back for the Q (and risking him getting frustrated).

So once he ran around it, I forgot all about my blind cross & ended up having to do a rear. Which he rocked!  :)

I felt really good about our run & our progress in general. Then the next day dawned...

Oh Stout...

This was totally my fault though. I should have known better that to go back & fix things, that's when he completely lost focus & went off the chain  :)  But he could have acted a little more domesticated... I don't want to tolerate that jumping up & nipping. He can be frustrated, but he doesn't have to bite me in the ass!

Yep, I let the desire for a Q & his title creep into my head & I strayed from my plan. Ugh...

But the first part was really nice  :) He came flying out of that tunnel like his tail was on fire! Check out the photos here & here. I did get in those front crosses though, thank you Silvia Trkman & your Foundations class!  :)

So now we take a little vacation, regroup, and trial again in a couple weeks. It's so hard to be too frustrated with this little guy. Just look at the joy on his face here  :)

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