Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another Agility Trial?

I know, after most of the summer off, we are hitting it hard!  :)  Two trials back to back!

We traveled to Louisville for Derby City's trial in a brand new location. I have to say, this site is way better than their old one! I hated Buckner... But while the surface was great, the parking was lacking & there was no a/c. Yes, no a/c at a Labor Day trial! Obviously we did survive - thank god they ran small to tall!  :)

Anyway, this weekend was not as good as last. Porter was plagued with some weird weave pole problems & Stout, well, it was normal Stout behavior (we'll talk about him tomorrow...).

Porter's Sunday Runs:

I don't know what the deal with the weaves was. I knew when I sent him in that it just didn't feel right, and sure enough, he popped out. Then he picked up speed after the frame & I barely got him into the right end of the tunnel!
Jumpers was great - can you tell we've been working on our blind crosses?  :)
 Porter's Monday Runs:

 Standard - eh. I'm trying hard not to overthink the weave thing...
And Jumpers - a bevy of blind crosses!  :)


  1. Weird weave behavior always makes me want to check in with my chiro vet.

    Don't forget to update your sidebar for PACH and Nat'ls. You and I are running neck and neck :-)

  2. Nice job on that Jumpers run on Monday--beautiful blinds!!