Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oh Stout...

Looks as if we regressed a little...  :)


  1. Oops! Baaad Stouty showed up! (but we luv him anyways!)

  2. Ooops! He's having a relapse of his social disease! Baddog!

  3. You know, watching the video again, he really wasn't as bad as we made it seem to be Saturday afternoon/evening. Sure he ran off a couple of times, but he did return to you relatively quickly and jumped the next few obstacles. Coming out of the tunnel, he looked off to the side like he was "looking for trouble," but he ran with you anyway. I'm not sure why he ran by the purple jump, and why he doesn't see the weaves the first time, but he does do them quite well. Sure it wasn't as focused and pretty as Springfield, but it was better than his worse runs in Louisville, so that's a positive.

    1. I totally agree! Even watching the video that night, I remember thinking it wasn't nearly as bad as it had felt at the time! :)
      Watch what I do with my arm over the yellow wing, right before the purple jump. I think that may have been part of it. I think it "broke the connection" or something.
      I do like that he was looking around, but yet kept running with me a few of those times ;)

  4. Hey, I think he's running great! Just a few 'moments', but overall, moving well and looking happy!