Friday, November 15, 2013

Stout Graduates!

Stout, John, & I have been taking a "manners" class with Mandy Eakins of Manners Matters KY.
Last year we had Stout enrolled in a bunch of Obedience classes. While those were good, they were not exactly what I was looking for (or needing!)...
This class seemed like perhaps it would be a little remedial, but it ended up being perfect!

I've known Mandy for quite some time And knew she had just begun teaching some classes. Once I heard who she had been learning from though, I was sold  :)
I figured it would be a good excuse to get Stout out during the winter & work more on his focus/attention. Whatever I can do to help with agility...
The first night of class didn't even include the dogs. We talked about training philosophies & practiced using the clicker (yeah, I'm a sucker for clicker stuff!)
The class wasn't about heeling & stays & recalls & sitting... We did work on some of those things, but we mostly worked on focus & eye-contact & "leave it" & other shaping type things.
And with Stout... we spent A LOT of time on "no barking"  :)
Last night was graduation. We've definitely seen a huge improvement in Stout. Stout & John even won the "Longest Sit Stay" competition!

We plan on continuing on in January. The next class builds upon this, aiming toward earning his CGC.
Stout just may become a good citizen yet!

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