Monday, November 4, 2013

Porter Is Qualified For AKC Nationals!

In our quest to get qualified for AKC Nationals, we had entered yet another trial over the weekend... And it paid off! Porter got his last 49 points he needed, with 10 extra for "just-in-case"  :)

We started out a little rough, which had me a little worried. On Saturday he failed to qualify in the first run (JWW) but pulled out a Q in Standard that afternoon:

Yeah, he was moving so fast and we were charging down that line in Jumpers, a blind-cross just didn't catch his attention  :)

We had a similar line in Standard, but it had you charging towards a wrong tunnel entrance. 3 times. Porter was correct all 3 times & earned 28 points. Yay Porter! We only needed 21 more on Sunday...

The day started with JWW again:

Oops  :) Not really sure why he came out of the weaves. But he was moving! Notice I didn't do any blind crosses on that run...  :)

And our last chance for those last 21 points:

Once again, I chose to not use blind crosses, instead pulling out the "Dawn Weaver brake hand" to get some tight turns  :)  It worked! Porter came away with 31 points, tying his all-time point record!
Now I can withdraw from the trial later this month. Although it's too late for next weekend's. so expect another trial recap next Monday  :)


  1. Hooray!!! Congratulations! :o) I look forward to the Nationals recap next year!

  2. Congratulations! 31 points in one run is pretty amazing. I think the most we've ever gotten was in the low 20s somewhere. I've still got 6 tries left to get those points.

    1. Thank you!
      I must confess, it is much easier to get points when you run preferred! And he simply flies over those 4" jumps :)

  3. Yay!!! Glad he's all set for the big event!