Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4K for 4-H

On Saturday morning, the dogs & I participated in the 4K for 4-H, a small fundraiser for the Fayette County 4-H Teen Council. I was invited by one of my agility students who is on the council & in the 4-H dog club.

We were one of the last to finish... there was a lot of sniffing & peeing on the route...
But we still got ribbons!
I'm not big on participating in various (whatever number)K's, I'd rather walk the dogs in the grass in a park at our own speed. And I don't always agree with how the money is spent. And I'm definitely not "running" in anything!  :)
So why this event? Besides wanting to support my student, 4-H is very near & dear to my heart. I mean, I grew up in Iowa for god's sake  :)  We were all about 4-H!
During the event (which was held in a very nice park, with lots of bushes for sniffing, and virtually no runners - they didn't even time it!), I got to thinking about my years of fun in 4-H. I started digging out photo albums as soon as I got home!

So here you go. Enjoy the journey of a little red-headed girl as she develops into a "dog dork"  :)

Well, I didn't just show dogs in 4-H, I also showed rabbits & chickens.
Yes, this is a rabbit  :)

Besides showing at the fair, we had to give presentations to our club.
This was probably my schnauzer grooming demo  :)

Before my love of corgis developed, I had a schnauzer named Scratch.
Sir Scratch-A-Lot, to be exact.

We always did some sort of obedience class &
Junior Showmanship/Handling.

Every year we also went on to compete at the state fair.

The Iowa State Fair is a really big deal...

Especially for a small town girl who grooms her own schnauzer...
Talk about jumping into the big leagues!

I loved Junior Showmanship! So much easier than training the dog in obedience  :)


After Scratch, I moved onto a larger breed for awhile - Bear the German Shepherd.

No matter how hard I tried...
I just couldn't get that "GSD" stacking pose to work  :)

Then I began my corgi obsession  :)
Kirby the Pembroke started it all.

Foxworth's Stretch Limousine

Showing against my sister & her sheltie, Shiver
Pretty sure I won  :)

Another year of sibling rivalry - that's my sister & Shiver on the end again.

Kirby & I at the state fair

Stacking a corgi was so much easier!

A big hug for the best Pembroke ever

Stay tuned for the rest of the week as I reveal many other old photos. Including where my obsession with dogs in costumes may have started...


  1. How fun! Wonderful photos--I bet they brought back great memories.

  2. Wow! You really did get an early start in being a dog dork!

    I grew up in Southern NJ and 4-H was a big deal there as well. I was way too shy to participate in something so public!

    For me, it was horses at that age.....

  3. I love Kirby's show name--stretch limousine is perfect for a Corgi! 4-H was a big deal for me, too, only with the horses and cats, among other things. The dog program wasn't the best, and I wasn't interested in dogs back then.

    So how is showing a cat funnier than showing a fluffy bunny? At least we didn't have to "loaf" the cat! ;-)

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot about "bunny loafing!"