Thursday, November 15, 2012


The Brew Crew & I would like to congratulate our fellow "Small Dog Posse" members on their huge accomplishments this last weekend!
Porter & I were there on Friday for Molly's MACH runs, but we missed Dally's PACH runs on Saturday  :(
Have you ever been in charge of someone's MACH / PACH bar? Talk about stressful!  :)  I had to do math in my head, tape the run, and keep the bar hidden until they crossed the finish jump.
But I'd do it all again  :)
Great job Megan & PACH Dally!
Dally's bar featured hot pink zebra stripes & a princess theme.
It also included Spam stickers, Dally's favorite treat  :)

Great job Libba & MACH Molly!
Molly's bar featured tie dye duct tape, peace signs, and "Star Pupil" stickers.
She's quite the agility prodigy - she's only been trialling for a year!
(BTW - She was one of my foundation students  *cough* *just bragging*)  :)


  1. What a nice weekend. Congratulations to your friends/students/cohorts.

  2. Only the best bars, ever!!!! I am going to do everything in my power to be there for you and Porter's PACH run! I haven't been there for anyone's, but my own!

  3. Merinda, you are quite the multi-tasker! Thank you so much for being there, from the beginning classes to our big moment!