Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stout - Trkman Class Update

We did our first real sequence in our online class with Silvia Trkman!

Well, I guess we did one for the last lesson, but it was shorter & easier. And strangely enough, it did not go as well as this one!

This is the fastest he's moved yet. I think his understanding is growing, thus creating more speed. And the brand new toy didn't hurt either  :)

And instead of calling him funny or cute, Silvia called him "a fun dog." I think that's an improvement!

She said:

"He is definitely loving this game more&more!!! What a fun dog! I love how he goes and offers a wrap every time you take the toy! :)   ...  Great job with the teeter too, very cool pushes! That’s high enough for him yes – few more sessions like this and you can try jumping on it as well."

I'm not going to lie, I am very nervous about starting him on the teeter. I've seen so many dogs develop teeter fears from something simple, but weird, happening to them. Hopefully he continues to view it as a game. This was the first time I used a toy instead of food when banging the teeter. He really hit it harder & with much more enthusiasm.

I've also been scared to raise the jump bars. He is a year old now, but it just seems so early yet. I did try a little at 4" but he completely ignored them. There was nothing to reward because he was walking through them  :)  

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  1. I love Silvia's classes too! We've taken the foundation class 3 times and the puppy class twice (with 2 different puppies). Fun, fun, fun!