Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dog Park!

A few weeks ago (told you I was behind!), we took Porter & Stout to the dog park.
We met our friend Jodi at the small dog paddock. Jodi brought Lili the MinPin & Dezi, the Portuguese Podengo Potato.
We thought Stout would enjoy running off leash with his BFF Dezi.


"Yee Haw!!"


Once Dezi got a little tired, Stout made Lili his prey.

Lili says "Save Meeeee!"

There were also frequent "terrier breaks."

No vermin were caught on this trip

Cardigan Welsh Terriers

Stout enjoyed showing Dezi his terrier side.

Porter only comes to the dogpark to hunt vermin.

Lili showed them how a real terrier hunts.
 Notice the lack of Stout in the last few photos? He was on a "time out" in the car. Whenever he gets tired, he can easily cross the line from playing to fighting. Not every dog came to the dog park to be humped & harassed by Stout...


  1. Next time y'all have a dog park play date, let me know!! The Stump Kids want to join in, too!

    1. This was the weekend of Dally's PACH run :)