Thursday, December 13, 2012

NADAC Weekend

Porter, Stout, John, & I all went down to Murfreesboro, TN, last week for some NADAC agility.

I wanted to get a few more Q's for Championships, and see our corgi friend Maude  :)

I only ran Porter in things that he still needed for Champs, so it was kind of a light weekend for him. He really deserves a break, poor little guy. He won't be doing anything else until the end of January.

There's some awesome weaving in this video! And a much coveted Chances Q!

Just because it's NADAC, Porter, does not mean you always take the farthest obstacle!  :)
You can definitely see him start to tire out on that last run too. He had a long nap on the way home.
So now we are just 3 Regular Q's away from qualifying. No hurry though, we have until August. Then I just have to decide whether to go or not  :)


  1. Porter definitely looks like he's having a great time! And you really have great distance control with him. Jimmy would never have done all the work behind the tape line!

    1. Thanks! We've worked hard on the distance.

      When he wouldn't weave for so long, I decided to start training distance so we could at least be good at something :) We haven't practiced in quite awhile though, so I'm always shocked when he does well!

  2. What fun it is to watch Porter. His weaves look better each set of videos you post.

  3. Nice job on those weaves, and that Chances Q!! You looked nice and smooth (as always), nice blind on a couple of those crosses!