Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rally Practice

I did it - I entered Stout in the Rally trial at the end of January.

Just one day, one run.

Here is a video of a little bit of practice we did Monday night:

How many points do you think we'll lose if he does "prairie dog" everytime I have him in the "front" position?  :)


  1. I think he deserves to add points for cuteness!

  2. I agree, he should get cute points. If he sits and then does his prairie dog, maybe he won't lose any. Curious why you are working off lead for Rally Novice? I am working with Stout's sister Nola also and she forgets what we are doing when she is off lead (of course, she is a ref girl -- duh!).

  3. Yay!! I'm very impressed how well he's doing off-leash already, and you haven't even done Novice yet! I keep toying with the idea of working the girls on their next Rally title, but I'm not sure how well the off-leash would go over with LaMesa. I might need some pointers...