Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thank You Cardi Claus!

It was an early christmas today for Porter & Stout - Cardi Claus came!

This is only the 2nd year we've participated, but it will become an annual tradition from now on. I just enjoy shopping for my recipient too much - and then the receiving isn't bad either  :)

This year our package came from Lyberty Cardigans down in TN. As you can see from the photo, Zero was  almost as interested as Porter & Stout!

Stout immediately ran off with the frisbee, which said "Naughty" on one side & "Nice" on the other. I think we all know which he is...

And after dinner, both boys got one of the Nylabones to for dessert.

Thank you Cardi Claus & Laura!

My Cardi Claus package was also received by Jimmy & Wilson today. I hope they like the duck feet as much Porter & Stout do  :)


  1. Oooh! Looks like some nice goodies for you and da boys!

    Thanks again for all the great stuff. Those ornaments are SO awesome!

  2. I wish Pembroke people were just as cool as Cardigan people!

    1. Cardigans (and cardigan people) will always be cooler, Megan.