Thursday, February 28, 2013

At Least I Didn't Cry...

Yeah, anyone who knows me & herding, knows that there is a likelihood that I will break into tears while doing it  :)


I wish I knew. Because then I could stop myself from doing it! It’s freaking embarrassing!

The seminar went well. I learned a lot. I wish I could say that Porter & I did a lot. But once again, all our time was spent on fixing things that we should already have perfected by now.

And the reason we continue to need to work on these things?

Well, I think it’s because Porter is too stubborn. But in reality, I’m too soft. Or I let too many little things slide until they are a big heap of crap that we can no longer work around  :) 

Every time we move forward, we find even more holes in our foundation.

Is it the curse of a newcomer to herding? Yes.

Will I do better with my next dog? Yes.

Will my next dog have as much natural talent as Porter? I don’t know.

I think that’s what makes it even harder (and emotional) on me – knowing how good Porter is, and the fact that he would absolutely shine with anyone else but me.

But I’m going to do this, damn it! And eventually, maybe, I’ll finally get it right  :)


  1. For what it's worth, I think you are a great handler. You know your weaknesses and you work very hard to overcome them. All professionals were amateurs at some point. They're just the ones with the work ethic to stick to it and learn from their mistakes and continue to improve. Chin up!

  2. Herding is not even remotely easy. I think without sheep of your own the challenge is always much harder. Think of how often you are able to train for agility, but with herding, if you practice even once a week you are lucky (and broke!). Maybe once you get your PACH, you can concentrate just on herding for a while....

  3. I think you are doing very well! it is so difficult. It is an ongoing struggle for me.

  4. You are a terrific owner! You are giving your dog tons of opportunities most owners wouldn't. He gets to be WITH you and do STUFF! Yes, you will do things differently with the next dog you train, but so what? If we didn't grow what would be the point of any of it? Your dog is just freaking happy to be doing anything with you; and the more you work together the better you both are and the deeper the bond you build. Quit picking on my friend!

  5. You ALWAYS do better with your next dog! I have regrets about my first dog. She had amazing talent. She was also hard-headed and taught me so very much about herding. Looking back on it, I wouldn't trade what she taught me, because she forced me to become a better trainer/handler. Porter is VERY lucky to have you as an owner! And yes, what Cheryl said! Quit picking on my friend!!! You have tremendous drive and ability. You also have the "want to" for getting better at handling. You go, Girl!