Friday, February 8, 2013

The Great Toy & Bone Purge of 2013

Last weekend during the snowy weather, I conducted the Great Toy & Bone Purge of 2013!

The pile doesn't look as large as last time...
I think it's because none of the toys have stuffing anymore!

Stout was very worried about what was going on. He kept stealing toys & bones from the pile to hide under the bed.

Surveying the carcasses (or is it carcii?)

Porter only wanted to keep the hotdog.
(Don't be fooled, Stout tore up this one too - the whole backside is missing)

I found this in the pile. It looks just large enough for one of the kitties...
Stout, do you have something you want to tell us?


  1. They love the original toy and they love its carcass. We have carcasses all over the house and yard. Since I'm expecting company near the end of March, I'll pick everything up and wash it. At least they will be clean carcasses.

  2. Mean mama! There's still "life" in some of those carcasses! (Some still have eyes, for instance!) Baby Dinah is shuddering at the thought of a toy purge occuring as she loves each and every one.