Monday, June 3, 2013

Porter's Weekend: QQ #12!

The boys & I attended an agility trial on Saturday held by DCAA over in Buckner, KY.

We just did 1 day because I'm not crazy about the surface: it's basically green carpeting over concrete. They call it astroturf, but I'm not convinced  :) Seriously, there's no padding, it's really slick, and look at all those wrinkles! They are large enough to trip a corgi...

Anyway, our trip was worth it, as Porter earned his 12th QQ! Good boy, Porter! 

This was our first QQ since January. I was starting to get a little worried  :)

Oh, and perhaps even better news: Porter received his final challenge measurement and measured at 10.88"  !!  Now I can move him to 4" Preferred!  Finally  :)

We'll talk about Stout tomorrow...  :(  He was very bad (friendly) again.

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  1. Congrats on the QQ! You and I will be running neck and neck to our championships. Wouldn't it be fun to MACH/PACH on the same day!

    It seems Porter jumps 8 just fine. It will be interesting to see what he thinks about 4. Sometimes it's too easy.....

    We have an agility location where the management just changed the flooring in the upper building. It is so slippery the large dogs especially do face plants on sharp turns. The clubs are all moving to a one ring (long day!) format to avoid the risk. I think the location will be phased out after this season, which is good for me as they are all relocating much closer to my house :-)