Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Very Late Day...

The day before our 19th QQ, we had one of the latest trial days that I can remember. Well, since I've been out of Novice...  :)

We didn't do our first run until 6:00pm.


First run at 6:00pm. Second run about an hour after that.

And I had gotten to the trial at 10am for Stout's rally run.

So Porter was a little "out of sorts." Or maybe he just reverted back to the "old Porter." It was a side of Porter that I haven't seen for a pretty long time...

We did qualify the first run, even with all the sniffing. I guess it was close to his supper time...
And that wrap on the 2nd run... Ugh. I had just talked about this at the seminar a couple weekends ago... I said "Porter is so smart. It's like he can read my mind. He knows when I'm going to do a rear cross when I pull like that..."
Lisa said I'd get burned eventually by it.
Yep.  :)

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