Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Nationals Info!

Ok, this is what I didn't mention yesterday: the details  :)

If you really want to watch the live-stream, these are the details you'll need to be sure to catch us!

We are armband #040014.

Our schedule (all times are Eastern):
  • Thursday (Time 2 Beat)
    • Ring 1
    • Starts at 7:32am
    • We are the 12th dog in
  • Friday (JWW)
    • Ring 4
    • Starts at 8:10am
    • We are the 14th dog in
  • Saturday (Standard)
    • Ring 3
    • Starts at 8:10am
    • We are the 7th dog in
  • Sunday (Hybrid)
    • Ring 5
    • Starts at 7:24am
    • We are the 21st dog
On Sunday, they will also have the Challenger's round, followed by the finals. I am not going to list those times, rings, etc. That would be very optimistic  :)  But I did buy black pants this year...

If you tune in to watch us, you'll see our other 4" brethren as well - there's only 21 of us  :)  You'll see our road trip buddy Dally ( 040016), our fellow Small Dog Posse member (and Porter's mortal enemy) Dundee the Cairn (040002), our other semi-local Pembroke friend Maddie (040005), and fellow Cardigan Cleo (040003).

2013 Corgi Nationals Photo

Like I said yesterday, I will try to keep everyone up-to-date. They say the complex has Wi-Fi, as well as our hotel, but you never know how strong (or swamped!) those things will be... I still just have a dumb phone, so I rely on the generosity of places providing Wi-Fi for my iPad  :)

And don't forget also, I'm not very technologically advanced nor savvy  :) I do my best!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time AND run well.

  2. WHERE is the post with your amazing NAC recap??? How am I to gush congratulations and tell you how awesome it was to watch you guys on the live feed if you don't post about the experience?? :) Waiting (somewhat) patiently...

    1. I'm getting there! :)
      I have been absolutely overwhelmed. And it's been great! No complaints here!
      I did upload our Finals run to YouTube last night, hopefully will get the rest up there soon...
      But thank you!!!