Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Mardi Gras!

I think I said yesterday that I had quite a few Mardi Gras props to use... 
Poor dogs...  :)

Just imagine them up on a balcony in the French Quarter... Throwing down their beads...

King Porter

Stout says "You know you ain't gonna get no girls if you ain't got no beads, Porter!"

Yes, Porter has definitely had too many hurricanes...

"What am I suppose to do with all these beads? Where are the ladies?"

And now onto the other set of props...

Mardi Gras mask?

Or Mexican Wrestler?  :)

"Helloooo Ladies!"

Porter says "You better be paying well for this."

"... Very well."

This may be my greatest photo achievement to date!

Do you know how hard it was to get them both to sit next to each other, & sit still enough for the masks not to fall off?

Til next year!


  1. What tolerant boys you have! Great job!

    Happy Cardi Gras!

  2. Those masks! I love those masks! Especially Stout's. :o)

    1. I got them at the Dollar Tree! :)
      Stout's cracks me up too. He looks like Nacho Libre!