Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: QQ #19!


  1. Good job! Holding out for getting your PACH at the Specialty? That would be the best ribbon ever!

    Jimmy and I came so close this past weekend. Only one bar each day between us and that MACH. I was pretty pleased all things considered. Next try is April 19th....

    1. Ha! Yes, we are tied again in the countdown!

      It looks like it could be at the Specialty. Or, knowing me & Porter, probably June :)

      I skimmed your blog post to see if you got your MACH, but haven't went back to watch the videos yet :) Congrats on getting back out there! We'll see you at Nationals!

  2. congrats! funny conversation in the background . . .

  3. Great job! How awesome would it be to finish it up at the Specialty. You guys can do it!

    And was that a play bow on the table? So cute.