Friday, June 22, 2012

After The Herding Trial...

So what we do after a long, hot day at a herding trial? Well, if it is at Hado-Bar Farm, we stop by Jamison Creek Nature Preserve on our way back to the hotel!

It gives the dogs a chance to cool off and gives me some time to gather my thoughts and come up with a game plan for the following day  :)

While Porter always seems to be part terrier, I think Stout is part water retriever.
He will put his snout under the water to pick up large rocks...

Porter gets a second chance to practice his herding moves on some fishes.

Why did she throw my stick all the way out there?!

Stout was just a little bit tired afterwards  :)

This park, Jamison Creek Nature Preserve, is a little hidden gem. I couldn't find a website for it, and it isn't marked on Google maps either. I stumbled upon it (my GPS listed it) last year after a herding trial up there.

If you were my friend on Facebook back then, you will recall it was the one where the old people were about to have sex  :)  I don't blame them, it is a REALLY nice park...

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  1. Stout is in what Chase believes I mean if I say "Assume the position." That is a beautiful spot for people and dogs.