Monday, June 18, 2012

Where are the updates?

Yes, just where are the blog updates here?

We have been very busy in the Brew Crew house! And we have been documenting it! But we just haven't found time to post that documentation  :)

I am teaching agility classes 2 nights a week right now - actually since April. But this last session on Tuesdays has been by myself so it takes much more time for me to get everything planned out & set up.

Then on Thursdays we have our herding lessons. I generally share a lesson with someone so I'm there for about an hour & half, vs. the usual hour. Then I walk the dogs either at Sandra's, Keeneland, or the Woodford County Park afterwards. While Porter is usually tired from the lesson, Stout still needs to be tired out  :)

Once I add in the random doggie chiropractor appointments, our weekly walk/hike at Veteran's Park (not my video, but found it when searching for a link), and Stout's training time (we are working on our Graduation Video now!), I'm just cramped for time!

We've been gone to herding & agility trials on the weekends too. We even had my nephews in town this past weekend. I figured I'd just treat them like the dogs: "A tired dog is a good dog." Nope, apparently doesn't work with the kids. I tried to wear them out, but a tired kid is a cranky kid  :)  Actually they were very good & we had a blast. Stout LOVED them.

As my fellow bloggers know, it's not the blogging itself that takes the time, it's the photo/video uploading & editing. Maybe I will delegate this task to John since he is home during the day now!

But rest assured, I will be updating the blog this week! I've got a lot to post about!  :)

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