Thursday, June 28, 2012

At The Park With The Girls

The Brews Brothers went swimming last week with the girls from Agility on Stumps. With the heat lately, most of our walks have been at parks with creeks  :)

Dally says "Come on in, the water's nice!"

Still working on fetching sticks in the water.

Mesa isn't so sure about getting in...

Two tailed cardigan? Or two cardigans?

Uh, Dally? You got a little something on your face. And your neck. And the other side of your face...

See the duck on the rock?

A cardi-gator stalking his supper

Much easier prey than the duck.

I know Porter was in only one photo. He spent much of his park time with his head in a groundhog hole. Or running from hole to hole. He has a different agenda when we come to this park...  :)

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  1. That last picture is downright scary! Those eyes!