Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Attitude: Yours is only as good as the people around you

It's time for the Dog Agility Blog Action Day! Today's topic? Attitude.
I thought about this all day & had so many ideas... And I read some awesome blogs about it (personal favorites are listed at the end). But when it comes to attitude, nothing bothers me more than being around people with bad ones!

Now I'm not a saint. I've fallen victim to a bad attitude many times (sorry about dinner at the last trial Melanie!). But the bulk of the time mine is pretty darn good. I don't complain, I don't have temper tantrums, and I know that nothing comes without hard work.

And I surround myself with people who have similar attitudes. Especially at agility trials.

(agility friends with good attitude)

We all know someone with the bad agility attitude: "this course is impossible for big dogs," "I can't handle this, it's outside the Awesome Paws Handling System protocols," "my dog is an idiot!" I could go on & on & on.

(check out the "bad attitude" on my friends in the back!)

You can hang out with these people, but all your good attitude is going to do is either annoy the living crap out of them, or they will wear you down until you’re at their level. No matter how good your attitude is, you can’t force other people to share it – they’ll just use it as more fodder for their lack of a good attitude.

I always say people don’t change. Or more specifically, you can’t make people change. It takes some sort of crisis, or intense soul-searching & inner-reflection, or good therapy for someone to change. It comes from within. It’s the same with attitude.

So I'm not going to change these people. But I can choose to stay far, far away from them.

(more "good attitude" agility friends)

So here are a few blogs that I read regularly that have much better posts on attitude:

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  1. That's a FACT! I totally agree with you! Nothing upsets me more than an exhibitor--in any venue--who blames the DOG for anything and everything. It's totally your CHOICE to do whatever activity. Dogs are perfectly happy to stay home. Most love going out and doing whatever--conformation or performance events--but WE enter them in the shows--WE ask them to do whatever WE want them to do!